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配信ルール★Delivery rules 1.安心安全ノンアダルト(話はするけど見せない) Safe and secure no adult 2.見せてだのしつこい人はキック。見れるところへ行って Show your body or kick if you are persistent. No entry or exit. Please go to a place where you can watch adult distribution on other programs. 3.あまりに酷い誹謗中傷、喧嘩を売る行為は禁止します。警察や運営を動かすことあり。 Too bad slander and fighting are prohibited. May move police and operations. 嫌なら即ブラウザバックで! If you don't want to see it, use the browser back immediately! 配信のやり方は私が決める、オーナーは私!口出しする権利なし!ウダウダ言わんと出て行きや~w I decide how to deliver, I am the owner! No right to speak ※外国人の方へ※熟読下さい。 For foreigners, please read carefully before watching the program. This program is broadcast live from Japan. Since the rivers on the air are Japanese, I can't read or speak any foreign language other than Japanese. I can't understand even if the comment is written in English. If you are a foreign national other than Japanese who wants to talk to your rivers, please open "Google Translate" and convert it to Japanese and talk to them. Describe yourself and what country you are looking from. Please comment above.
ユーザー名  nana
年齢:99  性別:女
基本垂れ流し、動画放送ではありませぬ。生が好き! だらだらゴミクズ人間なんでマイペースにやりめーす! お気に入りご自由に 配信内容、家雑、風呂、車載、カラオケ、寝配信(気が向いたらw) 適当に絡んでくれたらうれしいぜよ。。。 四国の人特にきてくれたらうれしいかも! 標準語は無理です・・基本なまりまくっておる。